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How Long Is Your Waiting List?

We don't operate a waiting list system and can often accommodate walk ins or next day appointments. Please get in touch using our Jotform to enquire about bookings.

How Much Do You Charge?

Our minimum charge is £50 for simple single coloured designs. Small pieces are priced individually and 3 plus hours will be charged at £80 an hour. 

Do You Do Cover Ups?

We can do cover ups but this is based on what you already have, what you'd be open to covering it up with and how big you'd be prepared for your new tattoo to be. If you'd like to discuss a cover up then please get in touch to arrange a free face to face consultation. 

Do you tattoo over scars?

Much like cover ups, some scars can be tattooed over and some not. If you have scars you'd like tattooing over please get in touch to arrange a free face to face consultation to discuss whether this is possible. 

What Is Your Booking/Cancellation Policy?

In order to secure an appointment we require a deposit to be paid either in cash at the shop or by bank transfer. The balance of the tattoo needs to be paid in cash on the day. If you need to reschedule your appointment we ask for 48 hours notice to do this otherwise you will lose your deposit. Deposits are non refundable regardless of the amount of notice given.



Can I Bring Someone To My Appointment?

We recommend you come alone to your tattoo appointment, although if you choose to bring someone along with you they won't be permitted in the tattooing area and will be required to sit in the waiting area.


Will You Send Me My Design Before The Appointment?

We don't send out designs for copyright reasons but if you wish any alterations to be made to the design please let us know at the time of your appointment. 

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